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The construction
of your swimming pool

The construction of a pool begins with the first site visit, when you first have to imagine the pool and its location depending on your outdoor environment. Define shape, size, depth, stairs, liner colors, curbs ... Once your choices are established, Aloha pools offers you the overall management of your project in several stages:

  • The establishment
  • Earthwork
  • The reinforcement, implantation of the bottom drain and pouring of the slab
  • The assembly of the building in bancher
Aloha creation


The principle of construction with the block to bancher is the most solid and most widespread solution: 95% of our pools are made using this process. The principle is to stack hollow boulder blocks and scrap them horizontally, vertically and then fill them with concrete using a concrete pump. During the elevation of the carcass are implanted all the parts to be sealed (skimmers, backs, broom, projectors, automatic filling ...). Then the embankment gravel rolled in three steps.

All steps

Laying the liner / armed liner

  • Laying a horizontal rail riveted on the base for hanging the liner
  • Anti fungal treatment of the support
  • Fitting anti-punching felt treated with bacteria
  • Laying the liner or armed liner


  • 1st filling under the parts to be sealed, the pipes and sheaths are unrolled up to the technical room
  • Complete filling up to the level determined in advance according to the future coating of beaches (concrete, wood, tiles ...)

Filtration & site reception

  • Getting started
  • Site reception, explanation and demonstration to the client

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