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An innovative proposal in the piscinist sector

The agencies Aloha Pools are easily identifiable through the modernity and style of these. Equipped with screens highlighting the achievements of Aloha Pools in the form of ads, the agencies have a configuration similar to real estate agencies. By offering personalized ultra services and high-tech tools, such as virtual reality allowing the client to project himself and visualize his future construction, Aloha Pools can meet any demand and a very wide customer target.

Our concept

Visualize your future pool project in augmented reality

When we plan to build a swimming pool, it's hard to imagine what it could do. This project is often the one of a lifetime, we are afraid to be wrong knowing that a pool is there for many decades. Often the same questions come up: What size, what orientation, what location, what coverings, what colors, what layout, etc ...

Reassure you, thanks to our ALOHA application, we allow you to visualize your pool at home, in your garden, in your environment. We will be able to choose together all the parameters and thus optimize your desires according to your needs and the budget that you have set.

Aloha Piscines - Créaton

Aloha Creation,
the culmination of a unique project: yours.

We accompany you in the creation of pool ready for bathing from beginning to end and at each stage: Design of the block in block to bancher, masonry, design of the staircase to measurement, installation of the liner, technical room, filtration, borders, beaches, pool house, landscaping.
A tailor-made basin makes it unique.

Aloha Piscines - Rénovation

Aloha Renovation,
to give a second life to your pool.

We intervene in transformation, improvement, consolidation, raising of basin, modifications (basin, staircase, pieces to be sealed, technical room), change liner and armed liner, coping and beaches ...
We will advise you on the different solutions and feasibilities depending on your project. Find a swimming pool like new thanks to the renovation!

Aloha Piscines - Services

Aloha Services,
your custom pool
and more ...

A Drive is at your diposition agency / Several products in long-term lease / Work in winter thanks to a heating dome / Search for leaks liner and pipelines with support of repairs / Private maintenance contracts / after-sales service and troubleshooting / Analysis and balance of water / quality control / teams at your service ...

Our prestations
Aloha Piscines - Réalité augmantée Aloha labels

Quality labels

Armored liner

The watertightness of a pond is one of the most important elements of construction.
Thanks to the reinforced liner, we come thermosouder piece by piece on your pond, so your sealing is 100% guaranteed.
We can also customize your pool (logos, colors ...).

Virtual reality

Because each project is unique and because it is often difficult to imagine your project in its environment, we have created a unique augmented virtual reality application that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the project of a lifetime.


Pool renovation is a profession in its own right. Thanks to our experience, we are able to bring the solution to your renovation project. We transform, improve and bring a second youth to your pool.

Services +

Agency welcome / Expert advice / Project support / 3D project and augmented virtual reality / Achievements of unique pools / Follow-up of building sites / Analysis and balancing of water / Quality control / Rental and loan of equipment ...

Added value

and customized projects

« Bath ready » projects

Expert advice
and original products

A craftsmanship
at the service of your desires

A reactivity recognized
by our customers

No outsourcing

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