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Increased Virtual

Always listening to our customers and anxious to meet your needs, we have developed an application 3 D / augmented virtual reality and thus be at the forefront of the latest technologies.

Everything happens during our first meeting where we will determine together the maximum of criteria of your pool and transcribe on our tablet in 3D and build a project, yours.

Once we have validated all the elements together, you can immerse yourself totally thanks to our system that allows you to switch to Augmented Virtual Reality that is to say that you will have the opportunity to see your full size pool in your garden, at the location we will have chosen together.

Our concept
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Construction site

Often work sites are stopped, delayed or canceled because bad weather prevents us from providing quality work. To respect our schedules, we have invested to have special pool shelters that we can use both for construction than for the technical part. So we can put your liner in summer and winter and never be late. For us, a construction started is a completed project.

Monitoring and
control site

Because our teams have been trained in the field, each of our sites is scrupulously monitored, verified and certified by quality control. Each workstation and each task are subject to implementation processes. At each stage, the site manager checks and confirms that the process has been respected. To keep your pool a dream

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